Brexit: Johnson Talks Up Chances of Imminent US Trade Deal

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has asserted that he will make the necessary progress to secure a Brexit deal with the EU that will pass a vote in the House of Commons, ahead of the October 31 deadline.

Mr. Johnson is scheduled to have a working lunch with the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in Luxembourg, a maiden meeting for the pair since the Prime Minister won the Conservative leadership contest.

Number 10 still remain adamant that they will no accept a delay to Brexit beyond October 31, despite the Benn Bill being pass into law, which forces Boris Johnson to request an extension to the deadline, if a deal has not been agreed.

Jean-Claude Juncker seems much less confident about progress being made, when questioned about the lunch and whether he expected any agreement to be made, he replied, “We’ll see” and that he will be remaining “Cautious”.